past, present, & future


Denver Internet Initiative (Present) - Under the restrictions of Senate Bill 152, we have no say in what is done with our Internet. The City of Denver is not able to invest time or money in providing Internet, building infrastructure to lease, or creating policies to ensure quality standards. We're looking to change that.

Technologies Used: Community Organizing & Education, Public Speaking, Presentation Design, and much more.

300 Days of Sunshine (Present) - A Fun hack project to prove if Denver actually receives 300 days of sunshine. All of this data will be open source from a westward looking camera. Initial prototype currently being built.

Technologies Used: Raspberry Pi Zero, Raspberry Pi Camera, and Technology Stack TBD.

Ibotta (Past) - Led and architected out an internal facing SPA that lives in a VisualForce container. This application talks to a Node.js API broker microservice to aggregate all requests & responses.

Technologies Used: React, Redux, Sagas, SalesForce Lightning Design System, SalesForce Ecosystem, Node.js, Ruby, Amazon Web Services, & so on.

Trip Texts (Past) - A personal project that I designed & developed for text messaging flight deals to users based on the preferences they set. Future features based on user feedback include setting a price ceiling, showing previous flight deals, and other small improvements.

Technologies Used: Node.js, Express, MongoDB, Javascript, HTML, CSS, Heroku, Git, & Sketch.

JazzHR (Past) - Full-time software engineer with experience in automated testing, full-stack development, and Agile process development & refinement.

Technologies Used: AngularJS, PHP, Karma, Behat, PHPUnit, Javascript, HTML, CSS, Github, Git, JIRA & Agile Methodologies.

Magic Mirror (Past) - A mashup of hardware & software, this project was forked from Sahat Yalkabov's repository during a company hackathon day. The end result was a modularized smart home mirror. This was interesting from a design perspective because you had to work with what colors would go thru the 1-way film.

Technologies Used: Node.js, Express, MongoDB, Javascript, HTML, CSS, Heroku, & Git.