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screenshot of the github repo homepage

What is a REI Resupply Notifier?

It’s a twice daily monitor for when new, used products are added to a specific REI Resupply webpage. This could be a pair of “used” shoes that someone tried on once and returned because they didn’t fit. You can add in filters on the site to add in:

screenshot of the REI Resupply homepage

I used to love camping outside overnight or for a few hours in the early morning before my local REI store would open for the Member’s Only Garage Sale. Over time, (potentially spurred by the pandemic) REI has pretty much moved Used Item sales to be in a specific location in their store that constantly changes out and on the REI Resupply website.

screenshot of the github actions page for the rei used inventory notifier

The notifier will grab that info from the specified URL and then compare it to the day prior results. If there is a difference between the JSON results from the day prior and that day, the GitHub Action will fail and will send you an email - therefor telling you that there was a change in the number of products.

What is the tech stack?

The tech stack for this is -

Note - this costs ~0.01 cents per month; the gpt-vision branch will cost more - so be cautious.

screenshot of the github actions

How do I use this?

If you are a developer, it’s quite simple.

How do I setup another monitor for a different category / filters?

Again, if you’re a dev, it should be quite simple.

Want to read more about the Environmental Impact?

This post is more of a technical overview of what the REI Resupply inventory notifier is able to do.

However, If you want to read more about what the environmental impact of this project is - please checkout Ignite Bright’s Case Study on this project.

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