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Hey, I’m Cory 👋

The past ~4 years, I've been working the public sector at the VA thru the United States Digital Service. Currently focused on advocating for and implementing a better Developer Experience. Previously, I nurtured a team of ~10 federal engineers and worked on overhauling how digital identity plays a role in the federal government.

Before all that, I was primarily a hands-on-keyboard full-stack software engineer with ~6 years of experience developing SaaS products for small/mid startups in the private sector - with a brief stint in consulting. Code was typically written in Javascript or PHP, but occassionaly I dabbled with Go, Java, or anything else. Passionate about contributing to Open Source Software, code maintenance & testing, and building excellent technical teams.

Open to discussing new opportunities and actively looking for a Fractional CTO role(s) that align with my background.

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